Eyewitness proof of monoclonality

The CloneSelect™ Single-Cell Printer™ Series deposits single cells gently and with high efficiency using a patented, inkjet-like disposable, one-way dispensing cartridge. Sort cells using high-res imaging in either bright field or optional fluorescence and capture 5 images per each single cell deposit. Prove monoclonality, improve your efficiency, maintain and enrich your viability, and prevent cross-contamination.

  • 图像

    Cell isolation proof captured

    Document a sequence of five images as the cell is dispensed, providing direct image evidence of monoclonality in 96- or 384-well plate formats.

  • 高效

    Clonal outgrowth improved

    Achieve up to 8X improvement in clonal outgrowth efficiency over traditional methods. Deposit single cells with high efficiency into 96- or 384-well plates. It takes as little as ~5 min to dispense into a 96-well plate.

  • 选择

    Cells stay healthy and clean

    Maintain cell viability with gentle sorting as seen with outgrowth assays, and prevent cross contamination with sterile, disposable one-way flow cartridge.

CloneSelect 高通量单细胞分离系统


  • Image-Gn

    Image-based proof

    Five images are captured each time a single-cell is dispensed, providing direct, image-based evidence of monoclonality that can be used in regulatory fillings.

  • Image-Gn

    Fluorescence imaging and sorting

    Sort viable cells based on live-cell fluorescent dye, enrich cell populations for high producers with fluorescent reporter, or isolate desired fluorescent CRISPR clones.

  • Accuracy-Gn


    A patented, silicon microfluidic chip within the sterile cartridge generates pico-liter droplets that encapsulate cells. Only high-value droplets are seeded into plates.

  • Sterility-Gn

    Label-free imaging and sorting

    Sort cells based on size and morphology from a heterogenous cell population and select to deposit from 1 up to 100 cells per well.

  • 处理一系列的细胞

    A wide range of cell types such as CHO, HEK293, L929, t-cells and b-cells can be dispensed. 细胞的大小从 5 到 40um 不等。

  • Sterile Cartridge

    Individually-wrapped, sterile cartridges were designed so that cell samples never contact the instrument. A single cartridge can be used to print several microplates.

Applications of CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer Series

  • 细胞株开发


    细胞株开发是制备生物制药分子(如单克隆抗体)过程中的关键步骤。该过程通常从将编码目标蛋白的 DNA 转染至宿主细胞开始,目标 DNA 会随机或定向整合至宿主细胞基因组中。筛选数以千计的克隆以鉴别稀有的高产细胞是一个手动且耗时的过程。






  • Single-Cell Genomics


    The isolation of single cells remains a challenging task in single-cell genomics. Current methods lack the evidence that only a single-cell has been isolated in the analysis vessel. It is important that the integrity of the cells is maintained prior to their lysis in order to preserve their DNA.

    Furthermore, cells should undergo as little stress as possible prior to their lysis in order to preserve their RNA and its expression level. The CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer Series deposits single cells in a very gentle manner, guaranteeing high purity and high viability.

    This provides optimal basis for downstream single-cell genomic analysis.


    使用 CloneSelect 单细胞分离系统进行单细胞分选

    细胞系开发要求发现源于单细胞的克隆,它可产生高水平和一致水平的靶标治疗蛋白。此过程的第一步是分离活的单细胞。有限稀释是一种依赖于统计概率的技术,但很耗时。The CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer enables the gentle isolation of single cells in a manner that maximizes cell viability, as well as provides direct evidence of clonality via a series of five images captured for each dispense of a single cell.

Specifications & Options of CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer Series


** Can address a cell culture 96-well plate with a suspension of 10 μm beads in sterile filtered water (concentration about 5x105 to 1x106 beads/ml) in <5 min in brightfield and <10 min in fluorescent sorting (f.sight only) by using optimal parameters for fast sorting by the user.

Resources of CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer Series


CloneSelect 高通量单细胞分离系统



CloneSelect 单细胞打印机系列


Available from Molecular Devices in North America, for all other countries please contact Cytena directly info@cytena.com


产品 货号
CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer f.sight Instrument CLONESELECT-F.SIGHT
CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer c.sight Instrument CLONESELECT-C.SIGHT
CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer SCP Instrument CLONESELECT-SCP

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